Good golfers are as smart and mentally healthy as they are physically fit. Focusing on your game clears your mind of everyday stresses and allows you to concentrate on improving your game.

This is especially so when you travel, as you find yourself away from the stress triggers and duties inherent in daily routines.

Golf swing in calming environment

Improving Your Game

Golf is a game where you get the basics down in a day or two then spend the rest of your life refining your game. Playing while you travel allows you to spend time working on the things you need to master to improve your game, without being interrupted by your daily life.

So maybe you need to improve your stance. Or learn how to use your entire body to generate power. Many golfers need to learn to stay focused on the next shot and to forget about what happened before or what hazards lie ahead. Or maybe you want to improve your putting ability.

Whatever you want to work on, doing so while you are traveling allows you to focus and follow through on practicing in an area where you are weak. Practicing putting drills while on the road is a great exercise, as is heading to a driving range to practice your swing.

While traveling, engage in deliberate practice of some aspect of your golf game. Pay attention to what happens, keeping in mind that what happens in your brain can be more important than what’s happening in your body.

Focus intensely on doing a specific thing better than you did it last time and you will improve.

Putting drills

Use some of your travel time to hire a golf pro and find out how you could be playing better. Expert feedback helps you to correct mistakes that you may be unaware of.

Pick an area and work on it. Rehearse your full swing with thoughtful attention and video it so you can analyze it yourself.

Whatever it is you want to work on, do it. Make time each day during your travels to practice an aspect of your game and you will see improvement. Visualize positive results and focus on what you are doing with each move. Often, this kind of thing is easier to do while traveling, so make the most of this opportunity.

The ClubSuite Team