Airport travel these days involves many restrictive rules, regulations, security checks, and hassle. Baggage allowances shrink each year. Few airlines allow for sporting equipment without an extra charge, and the bag must adhere to strict dimensions and weight restrictions or an oversize baggage fee is then added. Also, airlines do not accept liability for clubs that are damaged, stolen, or lost.

Busy airport terminal

All this might make you think that you don’t want to take your best golf clubs through the maze of checked baggage.

So what’s a golfer to do? Spend money on shipping clubs a few days in advance and then hoping that the package will arrive at its destination on time? There are several companies that ship golf clubs on a regular basis, including FedEx and UPS. The problem is that if you want faster service than a few days, the price goes up.

Hand truck delivering shipments

Also, risk of damage to the package is a possibility, so you want to pay for insurance on top of the shipping costs. An average cost to ship clubs with FedEx from Los Angeles to New York is about $70, taking about four days. That’s over a week without your clubs as they transit to your destination and back home.

A better alternative to shipping or checking golf clubs has arrived. Rent a set of quality golf clubs, delivered right to your hotel or vacation stay with ClubSuite.

Not only can you order quality clubs, but you can also try out a different brand to your own without the upfront investment of buying. Take the clubs to several courses during your trip, or use for just one. Choose the number of days to rent the clubs, the preferences for clubs - such as gender, hand, and flex options - and keep your personal set of clubs for playing at home.

Renting golf clubs can put your mind at ease. There are more valuable things to focus on when going through airport security or packing for a trip. Take advantage of renting golf clubs to alleviate traveling hassles.

Perfect for those games in between business meetings, or a quick golf vacation. No matter what the circumstance, when away from home renting is the most convenient option.

Enjoy golf travel without lugging a large golf bag through the airport to your destination. Book with ClubSuite, arrive, and have golf club rentals waiting at your hotel. Hassle-free and straight-forward, try ClubSuite to rent golf clubs on your next trip.

The ClubSuite Team