There are many amazing destinations where you can fit in a great game of golf. But can you fit your golf clubs into your car? Do you want to? This might not be an easy option if you are traveling with family or you have a small car.

It is possible to take your clubs when flying. Some (although not many) airlines don’t charge an extra fee. If you’re flying solo then it is not such a hassle if you can keep your other bags to a minimum. Then it’s about $25 one way. 

If you’re traveling with kids, however, that gives you many things to juggle so it might be better to leave the golf clubs at home.

Empty baggage claim

You should also consider that airlines take no responsibility for damaged, lost, or stolen luggage. You’ll want to pack those clubs especially carefully and in a hard case for the journey.

Another way to have your clubs while away from home is to ship them to your destination. The price of doing so may be prohibitive though. If you’d like to have your clubs within a few days, the cost of shipping them rises. Paying $70 one way seems like a steep price to pay unless you are very, very attached to playing only with your own clubs.

What if there was alternative besides checking as baggage or shipping your clubs?

ClubSuite for Android and iOS

Renting golf clubs is becoming a more popular way to go for some destinations. Imagine arriving at your hotel with golf clubs waiting for you. Then, all you have to do is book a tee time and you’re good. No hassle waiting around at the airport for oversized luggage or finding out your golf clubs didn’t make it on the flight with you.

ClubSuite is simple and easy to use. Choose your clubs to rent and your location, and the golf clubs will be waiting for you when you arrive. Once you’ve finished with them, they will be picked up again.

It’s a great way to be able to play golf without all the bags, extra fees, hassle, and waiting. Try ClubSuite today and you’ll never go back to checking or shipping your clubs.